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Triple C'sTorch-Testimony

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  • Lexington Lexington
    April 10, 2013
    Cold Case Files has arrived
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  • Delance1000 Delance1000
    July 20, 2012
    George Zimmerman is a damn Anti Christ Fugitive just like Macon Georgia and there!
    The fact remains the Trayvon Martin case checking the video surveillance with george Zimmerman arrest how comparing then and now .A person couldn't see no band aids at all ,but now you can!The other thing is how the neighborhood watchman is suppose to know everybody in the community!Trayvon Martin was shot comming from the store while getting something for his brother and self.The 1965 First Degree Murder of United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr.my late grandfather who was picking up his check from work with other co-workers and employess!The co workers and employees aren't in the macon Police Report made on August 25,1965!I'm just saying !God doesn't tempt anyone with evil!The other fact is how in 1996 macon Police Department and Department of Family and Children Services committed federal-state-city crimes against me -my family /extended family and Olgethrope Community ,but Macon Georgia and Atlanta Georgia F.B.I. agents and G.B.I. agents been aiding and abetting each others making them a party to crime-conspirators-fugitives from justice-aiding and abetting-and more to every crime since 1996 til now!Ask them for an affavidait/Incident Report referring to the F.B.I.agents,G.B.I.agents,United States Secret Services agents,Prosecuting attorneys,since Macon Police and Sheriffs can't make report for federal crimes out of there jurisdiction!(smiling and laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)I'm a Kidnaped victim which is Capial offenses Punishable By Death crime just like Murder which is a Capital Offenses Punishable By Death crime as well!Neither carry a Statute of Limitation to Prosecute and more to the defendants!Once a person a change their statement more than once you can impeach the witness at that point referring to George Zimmerman!(smiling and laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Its no way humanly possible that any of the outsider goats can say they didn't have immediate knowledge from 2005-2012 Wiretap Order Electronic Communications along with 1996-2012 In person and telephone !So from 2007-2008 Macon Georgia Mayor,Polices,Sheriffs,Judges,Prosecuting Attorneys, F.B.I.agents,G.B.I.agents,United States Secret Services agents, Governor, Informants/residents been taking the information from the Stored Wire and Electronic Communications Transactional Records act Wiretap order Electronic Communications committing Retaliation Against Victims and Witnesses-Kidnaping-Aiding and Abetting-Failue to Investigate-violation of Privacy and eavesdroppping-Violation of Constitutional Rights-Violation of Civil Rights-Obstruction of Free Exercise of Religious Beliefs-Violation of Victim and Witnesses Rights and Immunities-Violation USc 42-violation of O.C.G.A.17-3-2-Treason(for messing with Me and Barack Obama and our Adminstation)-Bribery-Hindering the Apprehension and Punishament of a Criminal-Deprivation of Reliefs Benefits-Criminal Defamation-Slander-Abusing Government Office-and more!!!!!The entire time they had me and un under unlawful surveillance they've had immediate knowledge meaning every last one of them are being charged with every crime posted with admissible evidence to support the charge like Violation of oath of office (They're violating the Constitution and State of georgia Constitution due to the fact they're involved in the criminal activity),failure to Invetsigate (can they show any statement from victim and witnesses from 1996-2012),Kidnaping (have the judges,polices,sheriffs,prosecuting attorneys,indigent defense attorneys, department of family and children services social workers,Pleasant Hill Community residents and progressive Christain acedemy /Except for witness ,and more been prosecuted yet for lying and being party to crime),Violation of Constitutional Rights(Have the unknown white male police officers that put there hands on a minor under age 18 years old in front of the department of family and children services and foodstamp line and all over false and fabricated statement from a unknown black female social worker whom not to forget all committed perjury and more .In one hand I'm the child Witness meaning they violated my Child Witnesses Immunities and Rights.In the other hand I’m the Child Victim meaning they violated my Child Victim Rights and Immunities!The cureent criminal activity that’s been commit by the stupid as muthafuckas from 2005 -2012 referring to the Wiretap Order Electronic Communications Stored Wire and Electronic Communications Transactional Records Act giving all immediate knowledge from the Mayor,Governor,President,law Enforcement,prosecuting Attorneys, Governmental agencys,Judges,Legislature Branch,Judicial Branch,Executive Branch, and Media.So while the Macon Georgia mayor and Governor along with their Homeland security (city/Macon Georgia and State/State of Georgia) been out lying on Me and Barack Obama and our Adminstation they are committing Treason to with Aiding and Abetting!Macon Georgia Police and Bibb County Sheriffs for got to tell there entire family and friends they commit federal and more crimes against me and mines.The FBI agents and GBI agents been there look out with the Judges and prosecuting attorneys while working with the stupid ass NAACP and Black Organizations the only muthafuckas that deny everything on paper inblack and white .I see why my entire family /extended family and Olgethrope Community call them damn Anti Christ Fugitives From Justice! The Macon Georgia FBI agent Adam Preston along with rest of the dumbasses can’t say the 2005 Kidnaping-Breach of Contract –Violation of Constitutional Rights-Violation of Civil Rights-Violation of Privacy and eavesdropping –and more wasn’t reported to them so they teamed up forgetting they ones lying not me and mines!Trayvon Martin can’t speak from the dead and neither can my late grandfather Alex Harris Jr., but since the law enforcement-prosecuting attorneys-governmnetal agencys-judges and crap love giving press the information they stupid ass should check what they put out there themselves!(Smiling and laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)How can the victim in 1999 could been on the police officer back and on the phone with the 911 operator at the same time?How could Alex Harris Jr.been shot in the neck and chest if he swung on a 64 year old nightwatchman at Transco Plant who murdered more individuals besides my late grandfather?Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris was a only child and had no friends Macon Georgia can kiss my ass!How many times did ya’ll leeches try to help us!OH!My bad ya’ll t
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